Street Life: Project

Street photography is one of my favoured fields of photography, for I find particularly amazing the recording of what is coming my way, without prior arrangements. For me street photography is about capturing with my camera the interesting expressions of some people in public space, such happiness, sadness, surprise, fear, disgust and anger. This requires the intuitive ability to foresee what might be unfolding and clicking the shutter at the right moment. Street Lives help me learn more about the society among which I live, recording all those actions and situations that seem worthy of being observed and recorded.

Strolling aimlessly with my camera on the streets of the town and shooting all those interesting things happening in front of me makes me feel important as if I were somehow witnessing and participating to what was happening and being recorded by me, and, possibly, others as well. I personally consider Street Lives as something akin to spiritual processes, which may have wonder at their heart, to which I am somehow involved and connected.

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