I have been interested in photography since childhood, perhaps due to the fact that my uncle occasionally used to take me to his darkroom, giving me my first own small camera when I reached the age of ten. This childhood interest in photography evolved to become a passion.

For me, photography is indeed a self-expressionthat allows me to document the interesting world around myself. Although we might live in a world of colour, where lot of advances have been made in the various fields of photography, for me, nevertheless, the chosen field is black and white photography, for it gives me much better pleasure and satisfaction.As I have said above, my works are mostly in black and white, for I believe working in that field gives me also the opportunity to produce images that are strong, pure and with out any unnecessary

distractions,unlike the coloured ones. When working on my black and white images, I give particular attention to the sources of light andcontrast to create very interesting images that could pull on the viewers’eyes. Sometimes I might try to heighten my work’s clarity by printing images on metallic paper, giving them more appealing surface texture. That people might experience what I feel during my process of image creation, while, at the same time having fun seems giving me lot of satisfaction and pleasure.

Artist Statement

In my photography, the juxtaposition of darkness and light gives shape to a world that is subtly mysterious, yet has a powerful physical presence. Whether I am showing a human face or transforming an urban environment into a shadowy,graphically bold scene, I try to balances light, exposure and composition to create a distinctive body of work. I believe that I am particularly good at guiding the viewer’s attention by focusing on the small details that can animate my images. A scene that is cloaked in darkness can indeed be brought to life by a sharply rendered figure steppingin to a shaft of light, or a human subject will be given context by the detailed depiction of surrounding objects or backgrounds.

In my work, I do strive to show to get images, where the light, the shadows, the composition and the various changing levels of tones are clearly revealed; something that I believe is not easily achieved with colour photography. On the other hand, in my opinion, that, unlike the colour one, black and white photography is good at revealing the art characteristics of the work, as well as, the distinctive nuances that can make the black & white photograph so interesting.

As a visual artist, I am motivated to create photographs that capturecertain interesting a spects of our world. I often visualize first my targets before clicking the shutter, while giving greater regard to lighting and composition. Indeed, the viewer can observe in many of my works figures captured while stepping into a shaft of light, surrounded by contrasting darkareas. This allows me to obtain interesting, stronger figure-to-ground focal points.

Using Format