Documentary Project: London 2012 Olympic Low Carbon Skills Project


The Low Carbon Skills projects was one of those projects related to the London 2012 Olympics that I had the privilege to cover them. The project consisted in offering, free of charge, on-the job training to some 40 voluntary trainees, who were either working or wanting to work in the low carbon energy projects, during which they were to learn how to build a number of economically efficient solar powered showers. At the end of the work and the construction of the required solar heated showers, the organisers were to assess the quality of the works done. It was expected that some industry representatives may also be present there in order to see the results thus achieved and offer placements, internships, scholarships or apprenticeships that the the trainees could apply for.

Before the trainee participants started constructing the solar heated showers there were some preparatory works that were to be done in advance so that the trainees could base their works on. Example of such works included the three-storey platform, the solar panels, and all the other necessary equipments needed for the project.

The objective of the project was to show how easily and economically solar heated shower quarters could be installed in so short time. I started my work by first establishing some working relationships with the people in charge of the project as well as the trainees themselves, as I needed to be fully informed of the various aspects of the project, and receiving all the necessary facilitations that the nature of my task would require. In this way I was able to know in advance the various actions that would need to be taken so that I would be in position to take the appropriate pictures. In addition of photographing the construction of the showers, I have also covered the venue of the project and the adjacent areas.

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